Hank Murta Adams talks about the aesthetics of cullet.

Hank Adams

Hank Murta Adams talks about the aesthetics of cullet. Oral history interview with Hank Murta Adams by Barb Elam, conducted via telephone, June 7, 2019, Bard Graduate Center. Clip length: 00:43.

Hank Murta Adams: Well, I think it’s human nature because they’re—yeah, they’re beautiful in the sunlight; it’s also, we’re of physical dimension, we are animals so we hoard and, I mean, what more could be—what more could be said about these big beautiful jewel piles and resources? So their tonnage of—I mean, to look at pictures is one thing, but to see that glistening in the light, and to see just the vastness of a resource is completely entrancing, and so, sure, anybody would pull their camera out for that stuff.