Gay LeCleire Taylor discusses Paul Hollister and his Crystal Palace lecture.

Gay LeCleire Taylor

Gay LeCleire Taylor discusses Paul Hollister and his Crystal Palace lecture. Oral history interview with Gay Lecleire Taylor by Barb Elam, conducted via telephone, March 9, 2018, Bard Graduate Center. Clip length: 02:01.

Gay LeCleire Taylor: He was editor of the National American Glass Club Bulletin from 1975 to 1984. So, you know, multiple years he would—be either writing articles himself for the publication, or getting people to submit articles, which he would then review. So he would be at—you know, they didn’t have—the National American Club didn’t really have conventions or meetings until about 1976, 1975. They started small. So I would have met him early on, when he’s editor of this publication also. So we’d already known each other through paperweights and then he was also in this organization too, being editor of that. And that’s where I would’ve heard him give a lecture on the Crystal Palace and his fascination with the Crystal Palace exhibition and all the things that it took to get this building built, and the glass made, and the glass installed, and all of that. You know, he just loved this building, and talked about that also. Cause you know, he really does sort of begin where he’s sitting there in the park and feels something, something—you know, and he never reminded me of a person that would—physically feel something, you know, what happened here, what is going on for him to go back and research where—I think he was where it was moved to, if you can imagine moving this building, completely moving this building to a second site after the Crystal Palace exhibition is over with. And he’s sitting where it was, and then it burns later on, but all these things that he researched, where these men would sort of be in these sort of hammocks on these wheels and would slide across these things, so that they could seal these glass panes in place and these upper levels and everything, and he really researched the subject. It was fascinating.