Gay LeCleire Taylor discusses Wheaton’s Glass Weekends.

Gay LeCleire Taylor

Glass Historian Gay LeCleire Taylor discusses Wheaton’s Glass Weekends. Oral history interview with Gay LeCleire Taylor by Barb Elam, conducted via telephone, March 9, 2018, Bard Graduate Center. Clip length: 01:29.

Gay LeCleire Taylor: So in the opposite year of paperweight weekend [inaudible] our fellowship project got going, 1983. Once that got going, on the odd years we would have a thing called Glass Weekend. And that would be a total fundraiser to fund the fellowships through two years or help to fund the fellowships; and galleries, you know, we started out small, on the line of the way a paperweight weekend would be, and once we got Heller to agree and Habatat to agree back then and I think this Riley Hawk, we had the lectures in the center of the rooms in the galleries, with their contemporary glass set up around our meeting room, around the perimeter, which moved into this huge weekend where we would have incredible glass artists be the demonstrating artists for the weekend and collectors would come and buy from all these galleries from around the world that were set up in our building and all of that. One year, you know, was Lino and Dale Chihuly were the premiere people demonstrating for the weekend and they were pretty amazing. I mean, Chihuly’s there with all his pencils doing drawings on things or decorating people’s shoes. All kinds of people have shoes and Chihuly painted as you walked by or whatever. It was an event, let me tell you.