Douglas Heller talks about Paul Hollister giving lectures theatrically. Oral history interview with Douglas Heller, September 7, 2018, Bard Graduate Center. Clip length: 00:59.

Douglas Heller: …we were both speaking to a Glass Club, I forget where it was, might have been Connecticut, and Paul presented his talk first, and he was behind the podium, he was very conservatively, properly attired, and read and spoke very seriously. And after he finished each page, he would take it and throw it up in the air like that, but never cracking a smile. So it was this really, you know, premeditated, outrageous humor to it, but the talk was deeply rooted in scholarship, you know, so he would do anything to be the opposite of the “nerdy collector” or the “nerdy scholar.” He didn’t want to be seen as just a dry professor. So he was the outrageous professor. and it didn’t make everybody comfortable. You know, I was very comfortable with it, and we had this rapport with that.