Douglas Heller discusses the earliest days of his gallery. Oral history interview with Douglas Heller, September 7, 2018, Bard Graduate Center. Clip length: 01:34.

Douglas Heller: So I started with my first partner, regional partner, that was Joshua Rosenblatt, the son of Minna and Sidney Rosenblatt, great antique glass dealers. And they were actually the reason that I became involved in the field. They mentored me and inspired me. So we started in a shop, a tiny shop, that’s at the corner of 68th Street and Madison Avenue and that had been Minna Rosenblatt’s first permanent location and prior to that I think it was Leo Kaplan’s first location, so it had a history of glass specialists in there. The place was tiny. I mean the room we’re sitting in right now is the size of the entire shop, but it was a window in a great location, and part of this was a business strategy that focused on the idea of placement, you know, the old real estate location concept that that was considered the Carriage Trade finest neighborhood for fashion, for design, for most things. So if you were there, it meant in a sense that you were already vetted. So even if you were an unknown entity, as Joshua and I were at the time, we were in the right place at the right time and that helped and of course it helped enormously that Minna had vacated the shop that we took to move next door to a larger location and then there was this wonderful synergy.